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BANF Stories

Asian Art Organization In Houston Works To Overcome Cultural Narratives Through Diversity and Inclusivity

Every community’s journey is filled with tales of resilience, particularly those of Asian artists and art organizations that have long been overshadowed by Western narratives. To celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, the BIPOC Arts Network & Fund (BANF) is spotlighting these groups’ contributions to Houston’s multicultural fabric through compelling community stories.

Call for Community Reviewers

BANF seeks leaders in the arts community, including independent artists, educators, patrons, community advocates and organizers. The selected reviewers will join BANF to engage in a peer-review process to consider applications for upcoming BANF opportunities. 

Three Visionary Women Challenge Boundaries with their Artistic Creativity, Leadership, and Innovation

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the BIPOC Arts Network and Fund (BANF) proudly spotlights the monumental achievements of three distinguished women who have profoundly impacted Houston’s artistic and cultural fabric. Stacey Allen, Dr. Lavanya Rajagopalan, and Dr. Gabriela Baeza Ventura harnessed their unique talents and visions to challenge boundaries, inspire communities, and pave new pathways in their respective fields. BANF has recognized and supported their inspiring work to elevate community voices.